Professor Lang brought up an interesting topic about organic gardening and genetically engineered products on September 28 at our first food discussion of the semester.  First, we enjoyed a video presented by Anika and Jasmine about the problems with GMO's.  Though the video was vastly exaggerated, it got the old thinking cogs turning.  Why do we use GMO's?  The discussion continued about the need to feed people, and that at the time that GMO's became a common occurrence (around the early 1990's) people were just looking for more ways to increase productivity.  Now every super market has about 2/3 of their products containing GMO's.  How does that make you feel?  In the end we concluded that in order to avoid such foods, one simply has to not purchase it.  Every time one spends money on a product, one is essentially voting to keep that product around.  But before jumping to the gun about the problems with GMO's, learn more about them and how they can affect you.


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